20 kalimat if clause

Conditional if


  1. If you had helped, anjar would have fixed electricity last night
  2. If I were president, I would travel around the world
  3. If fitri had had many children a few years ago, she would have given a children for you
  4. If I have enough money, I will buy the car
  5. If I have much time, I will go to your party
  6. If I knew where you live, I would come to your place
  7. Wita would make a promise for meet her bos, If you permited her
  8. Andi would visit you, If you wanted married as soon as possible
  9. He would have left the town last night, If you had accompanied him

10.  If I get computer, I will borrow you

11.  IF I get cumlaude, I wil get scholarship

12.  If I have a good clothes, I will borrow you

13.  If you work hard, you will pass the tes

14.  If doesn’t rain, I will go for a swim

15.  She will buy the new dress, If she has more money

16.  If you go, Iwill go

17.  IF she goes, I will sleep

18.  They will go abroad, If they get their passports

19.  If  joni were here, I would introduce you to him

20.  If you had come here yesterday, I would have given



Nama :             Gumilar. Sukmawan

Npm:               23210045

Kelas:              1EB14

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